Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The CAMS facility serves as an analytical resource and is open to researchers from around the world that need long-lived, low-abundance radioisotope measurements and ion-beam tools.

For general enquiries about CAMS capabilities please contact Tom Brown or the CAMS administrator Nanette Sorensen

For bioAMS analysis enquiries please contact Graham Bench

For carbon cycle analysis enquiries please contact Karis Mcfarlane

For climate change/paleoclimate analysis enquiries and general radiocarbon measurements please contact Tom Brown

For environmental radiochemistry analysis enquiries please contact Scott Tumey

For earth system processes analysis enquiries please contact Susan Zimmerman

For forensic analysis enquiries please contact Scott Tumey

For ion beam analysis enquiries please contact Scott Tumey

AMS sample analysis costs typically range from $50 to $1000 a sample dependent on isotope to be measured and sample preparation that may be required. Ion beam analysis capabilities on a fee-for-service basis are also available upon request.

To cover sample preparation and analysis costs, a User Account must be set up through a Strategic Partnership Project Agreement between LLNL and the principal investigator’s institution. In order to provide a non-federal institution with sample analysis, LLNL requires a fully executed Strategic Partnership Project Agreement and payment in advance of sample measurements. Non-federal institutions include universities, research institutes, small and large businesses, state and local governments and foreign universities, institutes or other entities. For federal entities, User Accounts are established through other mechanisms.

To initiate the contracting process after contact with one of the principal scientists above, complete the form “CAMS Analysis Contract Application”, available in both PDF and MS Excel. This form provides contact and sample information for preparation of the LLNL Strategic Partnership Project Agreement. The contractual dollar amounts are established to provide an “up to” threshold for LLNL to accept funding from a non-federal entity. Therefore, investigators are encouraged to use a dollar amount that will encompass all requirements of sample analysis where possible. However, amendments of the contract to increase the dollar amount can be made as needed.

After contacting and discussing your needs with a CAMS staff scientist, submission of the “CAMS Analysis Contract Application” can be made to the CAMS Financial analyst, Kerri Butman, at